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How to be CEO of a company?

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How to be CEO of a company?

The figure of the CEO, who comes from the Anglo – Saxon world, began to become popular in the middle of the 90 and lived one real expansion with the appearance of the first startups and technology – based companies . When we talk about CEO (chief executive officer), we refer to the person who when the ship is leaking, should be the last to abandon it and who establishes not only the course, but also the objectives, the strategy, the plan, the roles , identity, type of communication, etc., which in our country we have always known as executive director .

The first thing to keep in mind is that to become CEO, we need a team of experts around us. At a minimum there should be a chief marketing officer or CMO, responsible for the marketing strategy; a CFO (chief financial officer), who is in charge of the financial balance; a CIO (chief information officer), responsible for the company’s information technology systems from a process point of view; a COO (chief operating officer), responsible for operations, logistics and processes, and a CTO (chief technology officer), technically responsible for the development and proper functioning of information systems from the point of view of execution. Each of these roles responds to a team and the CEO is, ultimately, the one who responds for all.

Now that we have understood the global, holistic and determining framework of this professional role, we can begin to enter into the matter. CEOs are not necessarily experts in the sector, but stand out for knowing how to handle and trust different specialized information sources to Hit post make the best decisions. The path to becoming CEO doesn’t necessarily start in college, as some entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates have shown, but a solid background in management will go a long way toward paving the way.

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In addition to training, there is another trait they all have in common: deep and proven professional experience. In short, you cannot be CEO without first having learned how, why, when and for what decisions are made in a firm.

The tasks of the CEO in a company are diverse and depend a lot on the type of sector. In a technology-based company such as Facebook, the relationship with the technical department and the capacity for innovation will be critical. In the field of travel, strategic vision and the relationship with the marketing department will play a key role, and put a third example, in a company of the logistics sector, the merger between objectives and operation will be fundamental. The CEO will be in charge of planning and controlling the execution of the business plan, supervising the work of the different departments.without losing sight of the financial department.

There is no university training as such to be CEO, but there are certain degrees or titles that are repeated in the list of the best CEOs that Forbes draws up each year in our country. The most obvious is that of Business Administration and Management, but it is not the only one: Pablo Isla (Inditex) has a degree in Law, a training he shares with Luis Maroto (Amadeus). On the other hand, Josu Jon Imaz (Repsol) has a doctorate in Chemical Sciences and Onur Genç (BBVA Group) is an electronic engineer, while Tobías Martínez (Cellnex) is a Telecommunications engineer. It is also common to find economics graduates (Juan Roig, Mercadona) or even othersmore related to Physics or Mathematics. Going beyond our borders a bit, the recently appointed CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, studied a degree in Technology for Metallurgy in his native India and subsequently obtained a master’s degree in Materials Science. There is one thing that all the people I have mentioned have in common: at some point in their training they completed a postgraduate degree Netherlands Email List related to management, management or business, often an MBA . These types of programs are the ideal ones to achieve a goal as demanding as that of becoming CEO, because their pedagogical approach is con fi gured so that students acquire the toolsand the knowledge that will allow them to access management positions. Of course, all of the examples mentioned above had a perfect command of English.

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