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The trend of recommerce professionalizes second-hand buying and selling

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The trend of recommerce professionalizes second-hand buying and selling

Reducing the consumption of new products while minimizing the environmental impact and also achieving a better price sounds interesting, right? This is what the new trend of recommerce proposes , which is exploding in recent times. It really is not a new concept, since it has been around for a few years, but now is when we see how big brands Oman Email List are interested in it. Reverse trade or second-hand buying and selling has been, is and will be a very interesting option within the competitive environment , perhaps now also influenced by the aspect of sustainability, which is becoming much more popular among brands and consumers.

In fact, we are experiencing the trigger for this type of movement thanks to the new generation Z , who arrives with a much greater commitment to their environment than their predecessors, the millennials. This generation marks a lifestyle with greater awareness and global responsibility towards the decisions and actions they undertake in their day-to-day lives. Of course, what they buy and consume is an outstanding exponent.

The trend of second-hand items has changed the perception among consumers
Until the emergence of digital applications such as Wallapop, Segunda Mano, Vinted, etc., the second-hand market had been residual and local in many product categories. Now we see how categories such as clothing are one of the great leaders in the sector and there are large firms that are joining this movement. This is totally opposed to what might have seemed a minority and even denigrating a few years ago.

Second-hand items are no longer only the “poor” option: it is true that it is an almost obligatory purchase option for some, but it has also become the trendiest option for others. In this sector we can find people who need to buy in it, but also people who want to find something that brings them novelty. This concept of need and desire is tremendously important. They are opposed, but in this market they coexist and that makes it very interesting and powerful.

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Some brands such as H&M, Zalando or Levi’s are already joining the trend of recommerce within their ecommerces and physical stores. They offer their community the possibility of acquiring second-hand products, promoting the circular economy, reducing the footprint on the environment and allowing their customers to choose a more affordable price.

Of course, these types of strategies respond to movements and demands that occur in the social environment, but the support of large brands accelerates their normalization. It is possible to establish the trend and that other companies and also consumers are interested in a model , a priori, beneficial for all.

In addition, brands do not want to lose their piece of cake and that is why they introduce these options in their stores. They want users to keep buying their brands on their platforms. They do not want to lose control and, to achieve this, they have to be a benchmark within the trend.

Other examples such as RealReal have already been developing bets for second-hand trading through the concept of luxury. This segmentation allows a Hit post very specific market niche to access accessible luxury in a more economical and sustainable way.

It is very possible that recommerce is here to stay . Personally, I think it opens a huge door to a multitude of important choices and decisions. The environment needs another more sustainable model and hopefully this is a step towards it if it is executed consciously.

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