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Tips to optimize the URLs of your web content

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Tips to optimize the URLs of your web content

An optimized URL defines the architecture of a website and helps Google better understand what is being talked about in a page or article, which clearly translates into an SEO factor to rank better in search engines. As get a german mobile number we saw in the post about SEO tips to optimize web content , we must configure and customize the URLs so that they also meet the requirements of optimal content. However, we tend to leave the task of optimizing the URL for last, giving priority to other elements such as the title, meta-description or internal links.

This causes that, on many occasions, we forget to edit it and although we can do it once published, we will have to go through a tedious redirection process (if we do not want anything to “break”). The acronym “URL” comes from the term Uniform Resource Locator, which in Spanish means Uniform Resource Locator. Specifically, a URL is the address or path that allows a user to access specific content on a web page (an article, a video, an image or any other content).

A URL is made up of a series of characters, with the aim of creating a standardized system within the Internet. Therefore, it is used to search, detect and organize online content. It appears in the address bar and we can enter it manually when we enter a specific address. Or we can also click on a URL when another page provides us with its link so that we can enter and visit it. In short, it serves to: Name an online portal and browse the Internet Hit post comfortably. Improve the SEO of a website. The structure of a URL can be divided into different parts: There are two types of protocols; http and https . The http is the most common protocol used pages, but recently time Google recommends using https to protect banking and personal data of users in a secure manner.

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