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4 rules to make more content, better and in less time

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4 rules to make more content, better and in less time

In Content Marketing we face four great challenges: making content Sufficient, Useful, Good and Varied. Follow these rules and you will avoid failing.
Everyone knows how to make content. We are in the information age and today, who has not published a post? However, I keep repeating that having a blog and being consistent is not easy.

It is not easy because it is still believed that a blog is synonymous with producing content, when having a blog is much more than production. Measurement, 韩国电话号码列表 optimization, dissemination and management are equal or more important parts of a content marketing strategy and they are not given as much importance as the creation process. Although it should.

One of the reasons is the lack of time when the focus is normally on being constant in production. How to save time to make content better and in less time? Focus on following some rules to optimize your time:

Rules to optimize content production
One of the key principles in Digital. With 20% of the work you should get 80% of the result. How to get it? Focus your efforts on launching quickly and testing interest, so that you can optimize afterwards. If you put a lot of effort into producing something that you don’t know will work, it usually won’t and you will have wasted a lot of time (and time is money).

A golden rule:

‘First do it, then do it well and then do it better’ Addy Osmani Tweet this

Rule of thirds
For me, the definitive formula (I have already said it many times).

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Everything I do I try to explode, so that I can build processes and methodologies. I use this rule a lot for everything – it’s perfect for broadcasting, production, and even management.

Rule of thirds in content production
When producing content, try to diversify as much as possible to detect new audiences. For that, using the rule of thirds you could dedicate:

1/3 to content that works: content that we already know previously works and that will give us that stability of growth.
1/3 to optimized / reused content : today no one questions the importance of content reuse . It is an essential technique to reduce efforts and optimize the impact of our strategy.
1/3 to experimental content: content that you have no idea if it will work or not and that, if it works, will generate exponential traffic growth. In case it does not work, it will serve as learning. Here we could put hypotheses that we would like to validate.

One of our first formulas .

It consists of dividing the content production into:

70%: content that works , easy, that we do in a short time and with which we obtain safe results.
20%: black leg content . More complex, advanced and long-lasting, usually more than 1000 words.
10%: experimental 点击帖子 content. As we saw in the rule of thirds, this content is what we do not know how it will work and allows us to test new formats and test hypotheses.

A formula very similar to the previous one and that we have embraced and optimized, is the 4-1-1 formula.

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4: regular / new content: that content that we said before that works. Easy to do and that we know in advance that it will generate traffic and work for our audience.
1: republished content : old content that we republish optimized and adapted to the current date so that it continues to convert and generate traffic.
1: special content : experimental content that we do not know if it will work and that allows us to experiment with new formats.

The most important thing of all is that we do our own methodology to achieve better results. Let’s not get obsessed with rules that work for others and let’s find our own magic formula.


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