5 CEOs give their opinion on the current situation and prospects of the online advertising market

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5 CEOs give their opinion on the current situation and prospects of the online advertising market

Undoubtedly the online advertising market has undergone great changes in recent years and its evolution and growth continue to be constant above all, demonstrating its stability and maturity at a time when the effects of the crisis and economic recession have hit the advertising sector. However, online advertising has shown that it continues to be in very good Chile Mobile Database health with excellent prospects for the future. To know in depth the current situation and the prospects of the online advertising market, we have consulted the opinion of different CEOS and prominent professionals from the most representative companies in this market with a presence in our country. Chile Mobile Database

We consider that the current situation of advertising in Spain in general responds to the reality of the deep economic crisis. During the very tough year 2009, all the media showed negative growth data, with the exception of online and mobile. This trend reflects that new media have established themselves as one more alternative and that, gradually, they capture a greater part of advertising and marketing budgets. The year 2009, according to IAB figures, resulted in a growth of 4.9% compared to an 11% drop in the rest of the media (Infoadex data). This is a clearly positive result for the online medium, but not without less optimistic news: falling prices, budget cuts and the closure of many purely digital advertising media.

The first half of 2010 has meant a moderate improvement in the situation for most of the media and online. In the first six months we have observed a greater dynamism in the market and a reactivation of advertising investment. Results or direct response marketing has been one of the clear beneficiaries: advertisers increasingly direct a greater Brother Cell Phone List part of their budget to actions where the cost is directly related to business results, such as search engine advertising and affiliation. Also in branding actions, greater activity has been noticed, with budgets slightly higher than those of the previous year, although prices continue to suffer a downward trend. These perceptions are reflected in the June data from Zenith Vigia,

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From our perspective, particularly specialist in performance marketing, the development of certain sectors is noteworthy, particularly the reactivation of the finance sector, growth in telecommunications and the constant launch of new advertisers in the retail, mass consumption and fashion sectors. The travel and tourism sector, despite being one of the hardest hit by the recession, has maintained its positive results in the online environment. The second semester arrives full of unknowns as the persistence of the economic crisis poses a constant threat, especially to the size of the advertising budgets, which is likely to moderate again, particularly during the third quarter. Price recovery will also be unlikely. However, we are definitely optimistic about the general growth of the online medium and we are confident that 2010 will close with growth data well above the previous year.

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