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Shadow Making Agents Are Simplified

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Shadow Making Agents Are Simplified

I am okay. One of my good friends Pat Flynn started his entire monetization process of his platform with affiliate marketing as well. And Pat has a ton of amazing resources. We’re going to someday soon have Shadow Making Pat teach a webinar about affiliate marketing because is such an interesting topic. It is one that I think gets a way Shadow Making worse rap than it should. Tim Stoddart: Yes. Darrell Vesterfelt: And so it’s really interesting. And I know that you were in that camp for a long time. You kind of were a hater of the affiliate marketing game. Tim Stoddart: That was me. Darrell Vesterfelt: I have been not so much a hater, but somebody whose kind of been like, “eh” about it.


But I Also Know That Shadow Making When

I was at ConvertKit, and affiliates drove a ton of our revenue, so it’s a very powerful thing. Affiliates, when done well, work for everybody. And that’s what’s so interesting about it. Tim Stoddart: Yeah. That’s a good Shadow Making way to look at it. Darrell Vesterfelt: It works for the person promoting and it works for the company who is being promoted. And it’s a really great concept. So with 800 email subscribers, I completely agree. I think it’s a great start. The other thing I’ll say here is eventually you want to have a strategy where you own 100% of the revenue on a product. Darrell Vesterfelt: So I want you Becky to start getting comfortable with online courses.

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But Affiliating Other Shadow Making People’s Either

Online courses or products that are about gardening or central to being a gardener. It could be seeds. I actually know some seed companies that Shadow Making have affiliates. If it’s tools, there’s a lot of things that you could affiliate that are products that gardeners will use and also Shadow Making other education. And I would do both because you’re going to see how your audience responds to other people’s education, which is going to inform you what education you can create in the future. Tim Stoddart: Agreed. Darrell Vesterfelt.So as you’re getting comfortable, creating online courses.

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