Almost 40,000 Spaniards have already taken control of the advertising they see, with Adagreed

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Almost 40,000 Spaniards have already taken control of the advertising they see, with Adagreed

Registered users of the platform can choose how, how much and when to see the advertising and get something in return After just twenty days of its launch, on April 30, the new and only accepted digital advertising distribution platform, which benefits everyone, Adagreed, has reached almost 40,000 registered users. All of them already have the possibility to access, if they want and when they want, to advertising of their Uruguay Mobile Database interest, without being bothered with intrusive and unattractive formats. Each time they do so and value the ad, they receive points –adlooks– that they can exchange for various health and beauty products or services, stays and trips, shows, home electronics, sports, telephony and internet or computers, among others. Adagreed has already distributed more than 30,000,000 points among its audience. Uruguay Mobile Database

During that time, more than 520,000 ads accepted by users, which the main brands offer, have been served in various formats. At first they can be accessed through the web , to make way, in the coming weeks, to the rest of the digital media that are being integrated: online press, mobile phones, social networks, digital TV. .. In this way, a new era begins in which advertising starts from the principle of respect for the consumer in every way: it asks for permission, compensates you and allows you to control both the number of ads and the favorite topics.

For advertisers it is a new formula that gives them the possibility of reaching their target audience in a friendly way, in addition to obtaining the highest profitability on their investments since this system allows them to segment as much as possible and pay only per ad seen and valued by  Brother Cell Phone List the user, avoiding losing impacts. In, the user has to give a rating to each ad seen in order to move on to the next. In this way the advertiser can be assured that their advertising is actually being seen. According to the data obtained by the public evaluations, the company that has obtained the highest score to date is Bancaja, and the favorite advertisement at the moment is the one shot by the actor Bud Spencer for this same entity.

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