Appier AiDeal Webchat: Predict consumption intentions and improve on-site conversions

AiDeal is Appier’s conversion optimization marketing cloud solution. Its unique selling point. USP) is the ability to predict customer psychology, and it is currently being used. To assist brands in sending online coupons and other incentives, allowing brands to more effectively. Identify themselves. Retain hesitant customers and promote conversion. Of hesitant customers. Now, Appier has launched the AiDeal. Webchat function, which can be deployed on brand websites to. Help brands predict the intentions of each visitor and. Send the most appropriate website chat messages according to their needs.

Introducing AiDeal Webchat

Everyone has the experience of interacting with a website’s customer service chat room. For example, after clicking a link to enter the website, the website will immediately pop up a chat window and ask if it can help you. At this point, you close the chat window so that you can browse the website without interruption, but if you go to another page, the chat window will pop up again. In this case, website customer service chat rooms act like overly enthusiastic store clerks, preventing customers from browsing the merchandise.

Maybe someone has experienced the opposite: you have America Cell Phone Number List a problem and need help, but you can’t find the website’s customer service chat room, or after you find the chat room and enter your question, the answers you get are unhelpful. At this time, the website customer service chat room is just like a shop assistant who is missing or has insufficient information, unable to effectively provide services.

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How AiDeal Webchat works 

Appier hopes to also solve the problem of poor timing Bolivia Phone Number List of customer service chat room pop-ups and inconsistent information content when visitors browse the website. So, like a well-trained store clerk, AiDeal Webchat can tell when to assist and when to avoid disturbing customers. When assisting customers, AiDeal Webchat can also accurately provide the information content customers need, so that customers can continue to enjoy a good browsing experience.

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