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Banner Design Audience Building for Creators

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Banner Design Audience Building for Creators

People who are great writers, who tell great stories and create a great audience, but who don’t necessarily have a way to leverage that audience to monetize, because it doesn’t there is no good choice for a product. In this particular case, I’m really excited about the idea and the idea that people are becoming more and more willing to pay a few dollars a month to support and subscribe to some of their favorite writers and some of their creators favorite content. Tim Stoddart: I think it’s good for writers. I think that’s good for journalism, because… That’s a separate conversation.but as a society we need to figure out how to support independent journalism a little better.

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Clearly poses problems. But I think it’s also good for people who don’t necessarily have a service they want to sell or don’t necessarily have a product Banner Design wants to sell. They just want to get paid to create the content itself. Again, this just opens as a conversation. I’m excited about this. I think it will really take shape in the next year, two to five years. I want to hear your thoughts, Darrell. Darrell  Banner Design Vesterfelt: Yes I agree. I think paid newsletters are… I have a lot of opinions [crosstalk 00:25:02]. Newsletters were the way to kick off email marketing. It was like the ethos of everything.

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Then the newsletters got really boring because everyone was doing a newsletter. No one said anything interesting. Not true, not everyone, but most people weren’t saying anything interesting. And newsletters have a stigma. There is a stigma that newsletters are boring, I don’t  Banner Design really care about your newsletter. Darrell Vesterfelt: Then people like Brian Clark started reinvigorating the idea of ​​newsletters. There are many others, like The Hustle, The Dispatch, Morning Brew who have started to change the philosophy of newsletters again. And so I think it becomes an interesting conversation.

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