Branding is being devalued in the online advertising business because it is not being really quantified

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Branding is being devalued in the online advertising business because it is not being really quantified

In recent years, online advertising has managed to position itself as one of the main alternatives in the advertising strategies and campaigns of companies and brands. Undoubtedly, the online advertising market, despite the crisis, has benefited from the unstoppable growth of this type of advertising and its forecasts indicate that significant Germany Mobile Database growth will be experienced in the coming years. The Internet therefore seems like a safe bet for those who want to follow the trend of users and consumers with the aim of generating greater visibility and advertising impact. However, after the Social Media boom, online advertising has acquired a new role within a scenario where the traditional rules and formulas of communication have completely changed. Germany Mobile Database

The economic crisis, among other factors, has served so that this new reality acquires a greater dimension and there is a migration of advertisers towards a digital medium where every day, advertising has greater importance and relevance by assuming a competitive, strategic advantage and cheaper for brands and advertisers compared to other traditional media. Despite this and the sufficient maturity shown by the online Brother Cell Phone List advertising market, we are facing a crucial moment in which many aspects and foundations of this industry seem to be exposed to important changes and paradigms. In this sense, advertising and online marketing strategies make up a wide range of alternatives of a different nature. Although until now search engine advertising through sponsored links and display advertising have remained the main alternatives used by advertisers, new formulas, supports and advertising formats such as video-based advertising or social media marketing strategies, join this “catalog of solutions and possibilities”.

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However, everything seems to indicate that this emerging and constantly evolving market requires a new approach and change of mindset that must necessarily be adopted by agencies, companies, brands and advertisers as part of an effort to improve and understand the true realities of this market. online advertising. Advertising on social networks like Facebook has become “a phenomenon within another phenomenon” driven by the trend of users and consumers for the use of this type of media. However, many question the effectiveness of their advertising compared to the results generated through other alternatives such as search engine ads.

In fact, the real question of all this lies in the wrong mindset of those who seek a quick return and profit or quantify the extent of their success and effectiveness based exclusively on conversion metrics and clicks generated. This has caused vital and important factors such as branding or brand impact to be devalued despite remaining invaluable. The market continues to be manipulated with innumerable relative data that can make us perceive a false reality of what is really happening. A recent study on the reaction of Facebook users to advertising revealed that the vast majority of them “like it or are neutral” in the presence of advertising on this platform. However, the data omits information about the effectiveness, impact or interest of users for this advertising.

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