Branding: The great exponent for Online Advertising

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Branding: The great exponent for Online Advertising

Everything seems to indicate that online advertising despite its growth and increase in popularity is being subjected to a value judgment directly related to the current state of companies in the sector and the notable drop in advertising revenue. Many of the current advertising models United-Arab-Emirates Mobile Database that are so attractive to advertisers seem to be becoming obsolete and, above all, not being profitable for large media and internet media. This implies that without questioning their effectiveness, the valuation or the reduced cost of many of these online advertising models are beginning to be abandoned by companies that maintain advertising as one of the main sources of income. United-Arab-Emirates Phone Number List

Currently, online advertising based on results, either through clicks or leads, seems to benefit the advertiser exclusively or at least in a proportionally very unequal way, which through this type of advertising models reduces to the maximum their risk of failure in relation to your advertising investment and regardless of the effectiveness or correct planning of your campaigns. All this in addition to eliminating as additional factors or elements related to the prestige, relevance or quality of the support where these types of ads are shown and above all the “branding” factor that directly benefits brands with greater visibility and impact. .

Despite the fact that the possibility of developing campaigns without large financial investments is one of the most outstanding characteristics of online advertising, the reality is that the balance seems to be unbalanced in those cases in which there is a true business model, as in the Brother Cell Phone List case of online media that, due to their size, are much more difficult to maintain than in the cases of any small website that uses the aforementioned models in order to scratch a few extra euros each month. Is online advertising forgetting the value of Branding? This is something about which we have spoken repeatedly on other occasions, even collecting plural and various opinions on this matter that seems to begin to acquire a greater dimension and importance in the current days.

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In relation to this, Antevenio’s new advertising network that is committed to branding was recently unveiled “Rich & Reach”, which clearly indicates that the online advertising business seems to be taking a new course in this regard. As we have mentioned, many large media are beginning to dispense with certain advertising models but at the same time, they continue to generate demand and interest from many advertisers due to their relevance, audience, brand or media power. This clearly indicates that a market niche is beginning to exist where many media will offer their supports in relation to these criteria and where the Branding factor is presented as the greatest exponent of this new advertising era.


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