Business Keeps Growing: Google’s Secret to Online Advertising Success

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Business Keeps Growing: Google’s Secret to Online Advertising Success

Despite the fact that social networks are capturing much of the attention of Internet users, the business of search and online advertising continues to be dominated by the great Internet giant, Google. Currently, Google accounts for 66% of the total share of Internet searches, thus consolidating its dominance of searches despite attempts by its  Australia Mobile Database competitors to wrest its hegemony. In this sense, Facebook and Bing have announced a strategic alliance to improve search results on Facebook. However, many believe that they are making the same mistake that many other search companies have made in the past. To do this, Google must be conceived from a different prism and not exclusively as a search company. Australia Mobile Database

The reason that Google’s revenue increased by as much as 23% in the last quarter is simply due to the relevance and strength of its own advertising model. In this sense, Google does a better job of matching its ads with what users are really looking for. Thus increasing both its relevance and the effectiveness expected by advertisers. We have to keep in mind that Facebook are generating a lot of traffic but their ad revenue per page impression is really small compared to Google. On the other hand, Bing represents 11.2% of the total share of Internet searches but its advertising revenue in searches does not correspond, or even reaches, half of this percentage.

At this point it would be easy to define Google almost as a covert advertising engine rather than a search company. Its metamorphosis has developed over the years until the exact moment in which the search engine found the perfect formula to establish a robust and solid business model based on advertising. In fact, it is rare that Google announces improvements or drastic changes in its advertising Brother Cell Phone List system in terms of improving the quality of the ads themselves. The reason is simple and it is simply based on maintaining mechanisms and methodologies that are working perfectly, offering great results of profitability and effectiveness for both the company and the advertising companies.

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This largely resides in a formula in the principles of the basic concepts as we discussed in a recent article. Unlike search engines, the intention and applied use that users maintain in social networks such as Facebook is “Talk and Contact” as opposed to those who use search engines to “Search and Find”. An aspect that unbalances the balance in favor of a greater effectiveness of your advertisements. Why not confuse. We are talking about advertising and not about other types of strategies based on these social tools. And of course, the evidence of the success of Google’s advertising model is that for the vast majority of advertisers, a dollar invested in their search engine returns more income than a dollar spent elsewhere. Therefore, not even the number of impressions can be considered a vital or extremely important factor above the effectiveness achieved. Well, this is the true objective of advertisers when assessing the return on investment made.


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