Changing the Usual Prayer Practice

Music and Songs Make the Heart Restless
One small thing I want to highlight is the music and songs.
What I mean is to extend the period of worship from just 4 rakaat prayers without any wirid, dhikr, prayers and circumcision prayers.

The Prophet SAW said:

Whoever prays ( rawatib ) 12 rakaats day and night, then Allah SWT will build for him a house in heaven.”

– Hadith Narrated by Muslim, An Nasai, Abu Dawud and Ibnu Majah

The 12 rak’at prayer is two rak’at qobliyah (before) Fajr, four before Zuhr and two after it, two after Maghrib, and two after ‘Isha as mentioned in the narration of Imam al-Tirmidhi.

This is an effective method for anyone who has a tendency to pray in a hurry

It will make us more disciplined and increase our level of concentration during prayer.

5. Trying to Memorize New Surahs
Always learn to memorize new surahs and their Whatsapp Mobile Number List translations with all your heart.

It can be started with surahs that we like, or surahs that touch our hearts. We can also memorize the last 20 pages of the Quran.

If you are able to memorize 30 juz of Al-Quran, thank God that is a very good thing for you.

Strengthen our memory by always reading it in our prayers continuously.

Personally, I feel that a slightly longer surah would be very helpful because it leaves us with no choice not to rush our prayers.

6. Music and Songs Make the Heart Restless

One small thing I want to highlight is the music and songs Music disturbs me a lot during prayer

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Sometimes we hear music by accident and then Hit Post it will play in our mind while praying.

These are some of the methods I can share.

It may not be perfect but it made an impression on me and maybe on the readers.

If you have any additional tips, please add them in the comment section below.


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