Christmas online marketing and advertising campaigns are expected to report growth of around 8%, despite the crisis

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Christmas online marketing and advertising campaigns are expected to report growth of around 8%, despite the crisis

Companies and advertisers are betting on results-based online campaigns as they are cheaper as well as profitable Consumers rely on practical issues such as low prices, accessibility or trust to make their purchasing decisions and some of the online marketing tools such as codes or discount vouchers respond perfectly to these needs. With the start of the Christmas campaign, affilinet, the leading company in Spain in affiliate Panama Mobile Database and results marketing, announced this morning that its growth expectations will remain above double digits despite the economic situation in the country. And, apart from the negative results on investment in advertising, both companies and advertisers see the internet as a viable short-term profitability resource due to its results-based nature.

And it is that ‘performance marketing’ or marketing by results, ensures the client a minimum and constant return on investment, in addition to being perfectly measurable in all implementation phases, giving the entrepreneur the opportunity to make changes during the campaign if something is not going as expected. And while it is true that an affiliate campaign reports an increase of approximately 20% in sales and up to 300% increase in traffic, it is not the only way to increase sales. Discount codes represent a very effective way to attract visitors to a web page to make a purchase, offering them promotions based on these types of codes, available only through the web. If we compare this type of tool with, for example, a television campaign, it is obvious why it is much more effective. Panama Mobile Database

The user voluntarily clicks on the link of the code, no one ‘forces’ him to see the content or click on it Unlike a television advertisement, when exposed to these contents, the user pays more attention to them because they are interested and because they want to know more about it. Recent studies claim that more than 73% of viewers change channels or avoid ads during advertising Due to the current economic situation, users -more than ever before- are looking for information on the internet about how to make better use of their money, which makes them much more likely to enjoy these types of promotions The answer is immediate, it is already there, (like being in the same store), you do not need to travel to take advantage of the offer and / or promotion, so the percentage of those who complete the purchase process is much higher

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Segmentation is much more effective and therefore is reflected in both traffic and sales, not only helping to increase sales but also to consolidate a much more solid database for the seller. “Discount codes have proven to be a Brother Cell Phone List very profitable way to increase sales, traffic and, of course, registrations, and they can be implemented in a very varied way, such as: distributing these codes on web pages dedicated to discounts, publishing in web pages, blogs or portals that correspond to the target audience, through the newsletters that are sent by email, etc. ” Comments Cristina Berzal, director of affilinet in Spain. “What must be taken into account is that the value of the discount offered should be between 10 and 20 percent of the value of the associated product or service. If the discount is less than 10%, potential buyers will feel that they are not benefiting enough from the promotion. ”

Another significant data is that according to the data collected by IAB Spain and Pricewaterhousecoopers, online media already capture 11.3% of advertising investment in Spain, being the third media by volume of investment after television and newspapers and although the Online investment fell by 0.3% compared to the same period of the previous year, it does not compare with the millionaire losses from advertising income from other conventional media such as radio, press or television. For all this, there is no doubt that the use of purchase or discount codes will be one of the online tools that will be essential for the development of companies that want to develop and promote their products on the internet in the coming years. In addition, with the whole issue of mobility, a change and / or adaptation of these same codes applied to mobility could mean the next step in this type of ‘online’ marketing tools to turn it into ‘mobile’. For example, if a consumer walks through the center of a city and wants to visit a restaurant, the corresponding purchase code would be sent to his mobile phone. When the bill is paid, the waiter will need to scan the code to request the discount.

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