Coguan faces the 3 giants of online advertising

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Coguan faces the 3 giants of online advertising

Coguan, the first Ad Exchange in Spanish of the Freemium model with an open and transparent online advertising market, announced today that it offers licensed technology adapted to the needs of its clients and is positioned as a competitor to large multinational corporations in the Ad sector. Exchange. The company has developed cutting-edge technology marketed under the Coguan AdShare brand, a consolidated technological platform in the Spanish market, which allows the purchase and sale of advertising spaces, connecting supply Peru Mobile Database and demand in order to generate greater benefits for advertising networks, agencies , advertisers and web supports. Its operation is based on the principles of the stock market, where the laws of supply and demand regulate the prices of transactions. The use of the basic services of Coguan AdShare does not entail any cost for those companies that use the standard tool available on the Internet. Peru Mobile Database

Companies in the sector have the possibility of acquiring under license a tool adapted to the needs of their business, taking Coguan AdShare technology as a starting point. Thanks to this, for the first time agencies can manage within the same platform the advertising of the websites they work with, in addition to the 1,700 existing websites in the Coguan AdShare marketplace. With this technology, publishing groups can manage all their advertising spaces with a tool that allows them, on the one hand, to increase their income in a simple and effective way through existing relationships with their advertisers and agencies; and on the other hand, to access the additional demand from the open market of Coguan AdShare.

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Coguan AdShare technology brings other advantages and benefits. These include improving the transparency of advertising transactions and the quality Brother Cell Phone List of traffic due to greater coverage and audience segmentation. Likewise, this tool establishes control filters to manage advertising offers and protect the advertiser’s brand. In addition, it provides the innovative Coguan AdGroupTM vertical networking service, a proprietary ad server and an automated billing system to reduce costs. In this regard, Carlos Bravo Sánchez, CEO of Coguan, considered: “the technology of our advertising platform has evolved to the point of being able to offer it to our most demanding clients with a modular white-label tool that allows them to manage their advertising activities online more efficiently and better adapted to your needs “.

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