Crisis and online advertising predict the death of the written press

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Crisis and online advertising predict the death of the written press

It is evident that the economic crisis has destabilized and overthrown many of the growth forecasts that the vast majority of professional sectors had generated just a couple of years ago. The delicate economic situation has put many companies on the ropes that have been forced to Taiwan Mobile Database take strong measures to alleviate this storm of adversity. The drastic cut in budgets for advertising investment by companies and brands has generated a domino effect with the consequent decline in the advertising sector. Taiwan Mobile Database

The data from the last semester speak for themselves and especially in terms of advertising investment in conventional media, where it has undoubtedly experienced the greatest decrease in recent years. Television and traditional newspapers of written press are once again the most affected and harmed. Something that being honest was logical and to be expected taking into account last year’s data and the negative trend of recent months. On the contrary, and despite showing slower growth than that experienced in previous years, the Internet continues to maintain a privileged position, showing great strength and positive signs of growth, but above all gaining the trust of advertisers and brands.

Television and press, despite experiencing a sharp drop in advertising investment of more than 30% in both cases, they face a disparate future since, despite all this, advertisers continue to consider television as a valid channel for their strategies marketing and advertising. However, in the case of the written press, the outlook is bleak due to Brother Cell Phone List the loss of trust and the abandonment of advertisers who now set their sights on the Internet and digital media. Your true Achilles heel. To affirm that the crisis and online advertising predict the death of the written press may seem perhaps exaggerated or apocalyptic, but the truth is that even the large publishing groups have realized that “paper” is becoming a “business unsustainable “in 95% of the cases.

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Proof of all this can be found in the countless cases that have occurred in countries such as the United States, where newspapers of great prestige, tradition and history have been forced to abandon their work of informing and communicating, closing the doors of their business. . The world of communication has been altered due in part to a great “generational shift” in favor of new technologies and digital media. User and consumer trends have changed. Information on the Internet spreads much faster and it is precisely through this medium that information can be consulted and accessed from anywhere, at any time and freely and for free.


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