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For a simple 10-page showcase site. It’s a safe bet that the agency will not be competitive with other players. Freelancers, the choice of price Many Freelancers have launched themselves into the web in recent years. By definition, the freelancer works alone, but in fact, it is not uncommon for several of them to work in networks to mutually complete their offers. They are necessarily less expensive than an agency except in a few special cases on specific skills. However, they remain a good opportunity for companies.

Nevertheless, find out about his own skills


It is not because we are good France Business Fax List in development that we will be good in natural referencing or in strategy. So do not hesitate to look at the references and previous experiences that will give you a more critical look at the latter’s abilities. Our advice: a web freelancer can have great skill in one area. Attention, in the context of the creation of a website, the skills required are multiple. It will therefore be more interesting to work with a freelancer for a small site or additional skills that


you do not master. Internalize the development to keep control of the project What if the solution for a cheap site was to develop it with an internal team? This requires having the skills within your company to be able to afford it. In SMEs that are beginning to have a certain size, it is not uncommon to have a position dedicated to communication or marketing.

This is a good thing, because in addition to the fact that these employees

are mostly trained to manage service providers for the web, it is also labor and gray matter available that you already pay! Another strength: they know your business inside out and are therefore able to talk about it. However, for quality work, it is important to successfully gain height. ThinkIf you follow a little economic news and even more web news, you must have seen the notion of DMA pass. The Digital Markets Act was passed

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in July 2022 and published last October. It is one of the most visible projects of the European Union which aims to fight against the anti-competitive monopoly of GAFAM. But concretely, although its application will be fully effective in 2024, what will this Hit Post change for companies using the web? Should we expect a complete change in the web consumption of Internet users? Is it already necessary to adapt in your strategy to anticipate AMD? In this article we will give you the first answers to reassure you about the impacts of this new law. Summary What is DMA and what is its purpose.

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