Deadline for non-business e-Filing extended

He news on tax filing 2024! The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) announce in a statement today that the deadline for non-business individual residents to submit electronic returns (e-Borang) for the 2023 tax year will be extende from original April 30 to May 15 .

The statement said the relaxation

Covers individual residents (knowledge workers, experts, non-citizens holding key positions), as well as individual non-residents (knowledge workers), organisations, estates and Hindu joint families.

“The deadline for submission of Nigeria Phone Number List electronic returns for YA 2023 for employers who are companies or Labuan companies and employers who are not companies or Labuan companies has also been extende from March 31 to May 30,” he said.

LHDN urges taxpayers to declare their income using electronic returns and pay within the deadline (if any) to avoid any penalties and tax increases.

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Companies you may be latest

The statement said taxpayers are also Armenia Phone Number List require to provide correct and up-to-date personal and bank information to facilitate the tax refund process if necessary.

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