How To Be Devoted In Prayer How to pray

It may feel a little difficult because most of us are not always at home, but instead have to spend time at work or school.

Often neglects and forgets rak’ah
Not being preoccupied and thinking about other things
Haste in prayer
Educating yourself to always be reverent during prayer is a long and continuous process.

There are many ways to increase the level of devotion in prayer.

Here are some effective ways and if practiced routinely it will feel easier over time

1. Prepare yourself before prayer
How to prepare yourself before prayer?

Among them is to perform ablution neatly and perfectly, clean the Latest Mailing Database room or prayer area and wear good and beautiful clothes as the Prophet SAW did.

Innallah jamil, wa yuhibbu jamal : God is beautiful and loves beauty.

Plant in the mind that we are preparing to face God, as if this is the last prayer.

Sometimes, many of us fail to understand that prayer is a very important meeting with God.

2. Preparing for prayer will also make us motivate ourselves
It also gives us time to calm down.

Take as much time as possible before prayer to read the Quran and do self-reflection. Sit on the prayer mat and try to understand the meaning of the content of the surah read.

If you still can’t afford it, it’s just as simple as self-reflection

Revive the practices of circumcision Prayer will become something important to us

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When we begin to involve our lives in Islam and do Hit Post good deeds with it.

But there are some simple practices we can all practice.

Among them are:

Read several pages from the surah in the Quran in the morning and evening
Reciting dhikr when we wake up and before going to bed
Listening to the recitation of the Quran while driving or traveling to a place.
All this will help bring the feeling of ‘Islam’ into us.

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