Diversifying your sources of acquisition

made sites. For a simple 10-page showcase site, it’s a safe bet that the agency will not be competitive with other players. Freelancers, the choice of price Many Freelancers have launched themselves into the web in recent years. By definition, the freelancer works alone, but in fact, it is not uncommon for several of them to work in networks to mutually complete their offers. They are necessarily less expensive than an agency except in a few special cases on specific skills. However, they remain a good opportunity for companies.

So do not hesitate to look at the references

Nevertheless, find out about his Italy Business Fax List own skills. It is not because we are good in development that we will be good in natural referencing or in strategy. and previous experiences that will give you a more critical look at the latter’s abilities. Our advice: a web freelancer can have great skill in one area. Attention, in the context of the creation of a website, the skills required are multiple. It will therefore be more interesting to work with a freelancer for a small site or additional skills that

you do not master. Internalize the development to keep control of the project What if the solution for a cheap site was to develop it with an internal team? This requires having the skills within your company to be able to afford it. In SMEs that are beginning to have a certain size, it is not uncommon to have a position dedicated to communication or marketing.

Marketing a bit. You will have to think about

diversifying your sources of acquisition, rethinking your persona models and certainly putting your site back at the center of all your web marketing work. No longer bet everything on Google services and other web giants We will have to think about diversifying our levers on the web if this action really takes place. Indeed, the goal is above all to split the market to remove the main web players from their monopoly. If your entire way of working on the web is to revolve around a single

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actor, you will certainly have to evolve. Perhaps the most striking example is that of Google. Today, many companies work their site around SEO on Google, whether natural or paid. You also certainly use related services such as the Google My Business file or the Hit Post office suite that goes with it, in particular with gmail addresses. In the future, this may force you to evolve if the market breaks out. Think about a differentiated and multi-platform web marketing approach The proliferation of web sources11 essential tips for successful.

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