Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Business comparison

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Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Business comparison

Although AdWords long ago established itself as the almighty of online advertising, today it has to compete with another giant such as Facebook. If it was already difficult to decide whether to invest or not, now we also ask ourselves; Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Over time, new forms of online advertising have appeared, especially now there is a boom with social china mobile phone number media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. But the one that takes the cake is, without a doubt, Facebook and Instagram Ads. Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, which is the best option for your business? Comparison of the two most powerful online advertising tools of the moment.

This does not mean that Facebook Ads for being popular is better than Google AdWords . Each one has its strengths and its particular characteristics. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this post! Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which one for your business?
If you have used both tools separately, you probably think that they are similar, since their system to configure the campaigns are similar. However, the target audience is different and they serve different objectives. For its part, Facebook Ads is ideal to gain visibility in your business brand and establish a relationship with your audience. Instead, Google Ads is suitable for those seeking an improvement in sales results.

Google Ads is the most direct and effective option to motivate a user towards the purchase, since he already had a need based on a search intention. On the other hand, in Facebook Ads your goal could be to get users to follow your fan page, to nurture and educate them through your content. Therefore, it could be said that the results sought with AdWords advertising campaigns are generally shorter-term than with Facebook Ads. In any case, both platforms work differently, so you should know the peculiarities of each one to know which one is best for you, according to the objectives of your company (although, if you have enough budget, consider investing in both!).

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Differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads Broadly speaking, Facebook Ads will attract potential customers (although they probably do not know your brand), while Google Ads will worry about customers who are in another more Hit post advanced phase of the funnel. This is the theory and the concept to understand the operation of both platforms. But we are going to see each one of them to go even deeper The first key difference is all the possibilities we have to segment with Facebook Ads by interests (among others). This will allow you to directly reach your target with more specific criteria.

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