Facebook and Social Networks: Online Advertising vs Social Media Marketing

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Facebook and Social Networks: Online Advertising vs Social Media Marketing

The growth of the online advertising market seems unstoppable. Meanwhile, great exponents of the sector such as Google or Yahoo continue fighting to maintain their dominance positions in the sector. However, with the advent of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the outlook and future prospects for the online advertising market may seem to be taking an unexpected turn. The emergence of social networks Austria Mobile Database has become a mass phenomenon and their participation in this online advertising market is increasing by leaps and bounds. Despite this, companies and advertisers continue to bet on search engines as the most suitable channel when developing their online advertising actions. In fact, the spending of companies and advertisers in marketing and advertising actions through search engines experienced during the third quarter of 2010 a growth of 19% compared to last year’s data and 6% compared to the previous quarter. Austria Mobile Database

Yeah I know. We know that social networks are also gradually tearing a part of the cake from the hands of the giants of the network. Proof of this is shown by the data from Comscore that indicates that social networks such as Facebook have experienced a significant increase in ad impressions during the last year, going from 9% to 23% during this period. However, although in theory the high volume of impressions does not have to equal or translate into a high proportion of revenue, there are many who predict that Facebook could become a serious threat to other companies such as Yahoo! or Google that now lead and maintain most of the share of the online advertising market.

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That said, it is also true that many consider this social media boom a trend or fad of the moment, and that over time, the activity of its users will tend to decrease and even regain a secondary place in an online world dominated by search Brother Cell Phone List engines. There are even more and more influential voices who openly consider and affirm that social networks like Facebook are a real waste of time. An impressive point of view, especially if it comes from David Fincher, the film director who recently brought the history of this social network and the life of its founder to the big screen. Obviously, this must be understood from the point of view of those users who, after maintaining their first experiences in the social network par excellence, have not really found a practical and useful application that they could not supplant through other types of tools or means, such as messaging. snapshot, email, etc …

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