Facebook grows but Google is still the King of Marketing and Online Advertising

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Facebook grows but Google is still the King of Marketing and Online Advertising

According to the information that we recently echoed, and in which detailed data on the different investments of large Google advertisers were revealed, everything seems to indicate that despite the rise of the media and social networks so fashionable in these days, Google continues to Bolivia Mobile Database dominate the online advertising market in a clear and advantageous way compared to its new competitors. Facebook, the social network par excellence and the most popular worldwide, has long passed the milestone of reaching 500 million users, and its next challenge will undoubtedly be to exceed one billion users worldwide. Bolivia Mobile Database

However, in its fight to conquer the advertising market, it seems that Google, its most direct rival, is keeping pace and, more importantly, absorbing the large part of the online advertising investment of the large advertisers, as it can. be deduced from the data reflected in the aforementioned report. To be more exact, taking into account that the top ten Google advertisers invested 44.6 million dollars during the month of June, and that this amount represents only 5% of the total, the network giant would be generating income per month higher than 900 million dollars, or what is the same, almost the same amount of income as Facebook in a whole year.

Exactly, Facebook’s advertising revenue would be around 1,200 or 2,000 million dollars annually according to the estimates of some analysts and experts. Obviously, this comparison makes it evident that despite the fact that Facebook has found an important source of income in the online advertising business, the dimensions of Google’s hegemony are Brother Cell Phone List incomparable if we add to this the rest of the projects and services of which Google has and offers its users through the internet. The most critical experts have spoken in favor of the empire of Google as the most solid and stable model, despite the growth experienced by Facebook over the last year. However, many of them believe that time will be responsible for judging whether social networks will really maintain their current strength or will go down in history as a passing fad that was losing prominence as other media and tools that were also did. popular and had their heyday on the web, and therefore an important factor in determining whether in the future your advertising business will be able to exceed Google’s in numbers.

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