Find your potential customers with the Google Remarketing function

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Find your potential customers with the Google Remarketing function

Starting this week, Google makes the Remarketing function available to all AdWords advertisers. Released in beta in March 2009, this feature allows advertisers to more easily reconnect with users or potential customers after they have visited their websites. When an Internet user has visited the website of a company, said company can subsequently Nepal Mobile Database show the user advertisements (text or image) about its products and services while the user browses the Google Content Network. With this, it is achieved that the Internet user receives advertising more related to their interests and that the company increases its presence and brand recognition on the network, while generating clicks and sales. Nepal Mobile Database

“The Remarketing feature helps advertisers get better results with their campaigns on the Google Content Network, which currently has more than a million websites. This new function can help many of the businesses to achieve their marketing objectives and increase sales, as it is a very effective advertising tool ”, says Nathalie Picquot, Director of YouTube and Display Sales at Google Spain. Michael Menis, Vice President Brother Cell Phone List of Global Interactive Marketing for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), adds: “The Remarketing function on Google’s content network has been perfect for attracting users who have already expressed interest in our hotels. . Its effectiveness is such that we have decided to increase our investment in the function ”. IHG uses the Remarketing feature to promote offers or incentives to users who have previously clicked on its hotel websites.

Remarketing is a function for companies and businesses to reach those users who are receptive to their ads and special offers. It also means that ads directed at users are more useful and relevant, and that Internet users have more opportunities to benefit from special offers and discounts that may be of interest to them. Users who do not want to participate in the Remarketing feature can opt out using Google’s Advertising Preferences Manager, which we launched in March 2009.

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