How to check the email addresses in your database?

Check the IP address of the recipient

The first possibility to check the email addresses in your database is to manually analyze the IP address of your recipient.

A tool like MX Tool Box allows you to do this by simply filling in the email to be checked. The tool will then show you all the IPs associated with the email address that you will have to check later with a solution like What Is My IP Address. The tool will give you all the information related to the email address including the location of the contact. If the data seems consistent, the email address is (probably) valid.

However, you can’t be 100% sure that it is still in use, or that it won’t bounce, so this method remains unreliable, and especially time-consuming because it must be done manually for each of your contacts.

Use an Email Checker

The Email Checker remains the easiest alternative for checking emails. Indeed, a multitude of tools proposes to insert its lists of contacts in excel or csv format to analyze the contents and determine the validity of these addresses.

The advantage? The speed of these tools!

In addition, these tools are often inexpensive and different packages are offered depending on the number of email addresses to verify.

For example, Captain Verify, Neverbounce, or Zerobounce to validate your emails.

And if you want to use a tool that includes more features, we have the solution for you…

The ultimate alternative to check your emails: integrate Dropcontact directly into your CRM

Dropcontact : much more than an Email Checker

Dropcontact is a tool that verifies, enriches, validates and updates your database thanks to proprietary algorithms that generate for you the information of your contacts.

From the contact form already present in your CRM, Dropcontact verifies the validity of your contacts’ email addresses.

In case of invalidity, Dropcontact’s algorithms generate and update your record with the new email address and information about the company of your prospect.

Same for duplicates which are detected New Zealand Phone Numbers and merged automatically in your CRM. Enough to take your prospecting to the next level

Moreover, Dropcontact does not store any database, which makes it a 100% GDPR compliant solution

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Native integration in your CRM to check the validity of your emails

Dropcontact is directly integrated with Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce to verify, update, validate contacts in your database or detect and merge duplicates.

Moreover, Dropcontact detects your contact’s company change and directly updates their record with their new company and legal information And all this directly in your CRM

By simply connecting Dropcontact to one of these 3 CRMs, the enrichment of your database is done in real time, continuously, and with each addition of contacts 🪄

Integrate Dropcontact in my CRM

And if you don’t have a CRM, it’s still possible to proceed with the verification of your emails with Dropcontact thanks to the Drag&Drop of your excel and csv files!

Dropcontact integration via automated workflows to automatically check emails

The second option is to integrate Dropcontact into your Cold Email or CRM tools.

You can for example use an automation tool like Zapier, Make or n8n to create your own workflows.

The process is super simple and will save you precious hours of efficiency… You just have to select the tools you want to associate, define the interval between the different tasks, and a trigger.

For example, by associating Zoho CRM and Dropcontact in Zapier, you can create a workflow that will allow Dropcontact to enrich, update, and check the data in your Zoho CRM on a daily basis with the trigger ‘adding a new contact’.


‍GDPR: some rules to respect

The General Data Protection Regulation requires you to respect certain rules during your B2B prospecting.

Before sending your Cold-Email you must make sure that:

  • Your email contains an unsubscribe link (mandatory in all emails without opt-in.)
  • Your prospect is related to your activity
  • You have obtained the Australia Phone Number List contact information of your prospects in a legal way. Indeed, the purchase of contact databases is prohibited by the GDPR. If you decide to do it anyway, we recommend that you verify the addresses beforehand in order to limit your bounce and flagging rate.

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