How to increase your reach and visibility on Instagram Stories

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How to increase your reach and visibility on Instagram Stories

Many brands have been concerned that their Instagram posts are not very far reaching. What’s going on? Organic visibility has dropped and this is due to successive changes in the Instagram algorithm. However, Instagram Stories has become the perfect ally to increase the visibility of your brand, even considering its perishable nature. But if stories are short-lived (they only what is a china phone number last 24 hours), how can they have so much potential to increase reach? The story format offers immediate and interactive content (in real time), and this is what makes it so effective. Therefore, you must work on your visibility in Instagram Stories. For many, even today, stories are a forgotten Instagram tool (even unknown). Therefore, in this post we will help you with some tricks and ideas to take advantage of it and we will reveal how to increase visibility on Instagram Stories and, thus, maximize your reach.

Main factors of the new Instagram algorithm The latest change in the Instagram algorithm is focused on the user, responding to their needs. How? Offering you interesting and valuable content. For this reason, we now have different types of profile on Instagram , whether you are a brand, personal profile or creator. These are some factors that the social network takes into account when giving us more or less visibility If a user interacts more with your brand, you will have a better chance of appearing in their “explore” section. Which means that you also share in the search for similar profiles. After seeing what factors Instagram takes into account to maximize reach in stories, you may start to get an idea why your posts are not being as effective as you hope.

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However, you should know that there is something that can help you give that boost you need in this social network, and it is of course thanks to the stories, sinceYou make sure your followers don’t miss any updates you make. Stories with links have a good open ratio. Tips and ideas to gain visibility on Instagram Stories Do not forget that you can increase your reach on Instagram Hit post if you work on strategic marketing actions on Instagram by and for the user (who is the main protagonist). Remember that after applying the strategies that you see fit in your brand, you should measure the performance of your actions to see what is working for you and what is not. For this, we recommend a very effective tool called Volumetric . Today we want to show you in this post what is working when it comes to increasing visibility on Instagram Stories, so that you can start trying these strategies as soon as possible.

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