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How to measure the success of your content

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How to measure the success of your content

Marketing is based on 2 fundamental steps: action and reaction. Any marketer knows that decisions should not be made without prior analysis of the actions taken. We are creative … but not so much.
“Information is power”

And it is true. Information 新加坡电话号码列表 is being able to convert anonymous users into customers in a more effective way. It is being able to offer them added value that will make them fall in love with your brand and recommend it. Without adequate information it will be almost impossible to meet our objectives.

Having detailed information is essential in Inbound Marketing given the very nature of this methodology that we defend so much. Let’s not forget that we are addressing specific people and not a huge mass with superficial segmentation . We will not be able to do our work if we do not know in which phase of the purchase cycle our audience is, how many and who are our visitors, leads and customers. If we do not know this data, how could we offer them valuable content that allows us to guide them through the purchase process? Hardly.

Having this clear (that information is necessary and indispensable), there are 3 practical tips on monitoring our actions that we must burn into our brains:

1. Focus on your goals when monitoring
Before looking at any measurable aspect of marketing, ask yourself: what do I really need? We must be clear that monitoring and analyzing our actions requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is necessary to set specific objectives and not go blind when measuring our results.

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The ideal is to apply the SMART method when setting objectives (that is, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic objectives in a given time). For example: “In 3 months, our number of visits should grow 10%” or “We need to move to the sales team X monthly leads” . Keeping these objectives in mind, analyzing your results and optimizing actions will be much easier.

2. Monitor the right metrics
Why is my range so low? How have I achieved that peak of visits on my website? What is special about that tweet that has been shared so much? It is in these types of questions that the true power of monitoring our content lies: the right questions will give us the answers we need . But there is still more! We must interpret these responses properly.

First of all, it will be useful for us to know what the potential reach of our content is as a whole. That is, our owned media . For this we have 4 global metrics that we must keep in mind at all times:

Number of subscribers (blog + email + RSS)
Number of followers on your social networks
Number of backlinks pointing to your website
Keywords that generate web traffic from Google
These 4 metrics 点击帖子 are essential to understand the ability we have to disseminate our content , both through our website, our profiles on social networks and our emailing actions. A great reach will mean attracting a greater number of visitors who, at a given moment (doing things right) will leave us their data and will become leads. At least at this point we will have achieved one of the main objectives.

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In fact, perhaps the master metric within the Inbound Marketing methodology is the conversion rate that relates the number of visitors to the number of leads obtained.

Although the conversion ratio is vital, the important thing is to divide the different phases of the Funnel with their corresponding conversion ratio. Namely:

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