How to start writing for a personal or professional blog

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How to start writing for a personal or professional blog

If you have been thinking about creating a blog for a long time because you want to work on your personal brand, position yourself on a subject on which you are an expert or simply writing is your passion, I encourage you to china phone number take the step! Although many embark on this adventure as a hobby, over time it usually ends up becoming something more professional. Even to make a living from it. Regardless of this, in this post you will find the step by step of how to start making a blog from scratch (either WordPress or another CMS), from a strategic point of view.Wondering how to start a free blog? Creating a free blog is a recommended option if you take this activity as a hobby. But if what you want is to position your business or brand on the Internet, in the long run it is not worth it, since to do a good SEO you have to have your own domain (among other things).

The content manager par excellence to start a blog is WordPress, although you should know that there are several options to work with this CMS, both for free and by hiring your own custom domain (the best option for professionals). All this will depend on your needs, so I invite you to delve more into the subject of whether you should choose WordPress for free or paid . How to start a personal or professional blog? Let’s now look at the strategic phases you must go through to write for a blog in order to attract traffic, connect with your audience and gain visibility. To do this, you must pay attention to these two aspects:

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How to create a content plan to start blogging. How to write a blog professionally based on SEO content. Next, I will explain step by step everything you must do to put together a solid and defined strategic plan. Go for it! For a blog to work, there must be good content in it, that is of quality, that is oriented to a target audience that is of value, and that is attractive. Therefore, before you start writing on your blog, you must draw up a content Hit post plan, in which you clearly identify the following: Creating an editorial calendar for your blog will help you to have a complete view of the content you already have (if any), the topics you can write, the type of content, as well as you can see the keywords that you are using to avoid repeat.

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