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Photo Editing Services How to think Facebook

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Photo Editing Services How to think Facebook

What kind of effects did it have? I think you’ve been in SEO for a while, but what kind of effects did it have when it first happened and what kind of lasting effects did it have, and what are some of the similar effects we might expect from Facebook at a time like this? Tim Stoddart: It had huge effects, absolutely huge effects. It’s important to note  Photo Editing Services that before breaking the record, you and I talk about these things. We were sharing before we started recording Photo Editing Services the podcast about how whenever these examples pop up, it’s always an opportunity for us to talk about them. We were going back and forth like, “Is this going to get redundant? How many times does. this message have to be said until people get tired of hearing it?” We decided never to. If we have to repeat it over and over again.


That’s Okay. We’ll Photo Editing Services Say It Again

And again, because the philosophy of Copyblogger is to build your own audience. Now build your property on your own land. So,Tim Stoddart: To answer your Photo Editing Services question more directly, Google has certainly had an impact on the amount of traffic to other websites. There is no question. And we’re talking millions and millions and millions of traffic hits. However, maybe that’s because I’m just a small Photo Editing Services fan of Google, they haven’t been like the evil capitalist empire of Facebook. They’ve always had a really good system to check and balance themselves and make sure that the algorithm updates.

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Photo Editing Services

And It Went Pretty Photo Editing Services Well.

The business relationship SEOs have had with Google has been relatively fair. I don’t think the same is true with Facebook. I really, really think building an audience on Facebook is probably the most dangerous thing you Photo Editing Services can do. Tim Stoddart: An example of that, you talked about those good old baits and switches. And we already mentioned in our questions and answers, the change that Facebook made after it was published, the algorithm was saying that about 20% of the people who had liked my Facebook page would see the content that I posted on the page. So if I have 100 people liking my page and I posted an article on the page, about 20 people would see it.



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