Ideas to launch giveaways and challenges on Instagram

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Ideas to launch giveaways and challenges on Instagram

Have you ever launched a giveaway on Instagram or haven’t you dared yet? Giveaways, contests and challenges on social networks have become a very effective marketing strategy to gain visibility and get new followers. In fact, those who use this type of strategy gain followers 70% faster than those who do china mobile number search not use it. However, many brands do not really know how these actions can benefit their businesses, and if they are really worth investing in. If you find yourself facing this dilemma, today in this post you will leave your doubts … In addition, we will see What types of giveaways and challenges can you do on Instagram? Discover how to launch effective giveaways for your business via.

A sweepstakes is an activity that consists of promoting something about your business, where there is a winner who is chosen at random. And now you say, doesn’t it look like a contest? The sweepstakes and the contest are similar, the only thing that differentiates them is that the winner of the contest is chosen by creativity or skill (and not by chance). On the other hand, a challenge or challenge is another activity that has become very fashionable today on social networks and, above all, on Instagram Stories. Users make a challenge, upload a photo or video to their stories, share a hashtag (tagged #challenge) and tag other users to invite them to do the same.

Giveaway example: Any user who names you in their story (if it is the rule you established) could be the random winner. In addition to naming yourself in their story, you can also propose that they follow your account or upload a post with the specific hashtag you have created. You make the rules. Challenge example: Surely you are familiar with the challenge of making a photo comparison of how we have changed over the last Hit post ten years, with the hashtag # 10YearsChallenge. It is about making a montage by comparing the two photos. Types of giveaways on Instagram and ideas to inspire you After understanding the concept of giveaway, contest and challenge, we are going to detail below what types of giveaways exist so that you can consistently choose the one that best fits your strategy.

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