Instagram removes the IGTV button from its main screen

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Instagram removes the IGTV button from its main screen

Instagram is the quintessential social network for photography. But, as you know, over time it has evolved and incorporated new attractive functions for users. Although in its beginnings Instagram was only used to retouch photos and german phone number format gossip in the lives of others, it continued to innovate with stories and short videos, competing with Snapchat. And he continued with IGTV, Instagram’s television, to reach a younger audience with full-length videos. In this post we are going to focus on this functionality that is giving so much to talk about these days.

What is IGTV and what is it for? IGTV is a service that allows users to facilitate their browsing on Instagram, in order to view the videos of other users. Therefore, Instagram on the one hand has the objective of offering a good user experience. And on the other hand, increase the time the user stays on the platform. With IGTV you can watch videos of users you don’t follow. And from a corporate point of view, it is an attractive service for companies that want to show videos of their products or services and connect with their audience, without being intrusive. Why was the IGTV button removed? Something to note about IGTV is that the video limit is 60 minutes. Another thing you should know is that although IGTV has its own application, you don’t need it to watch the videos; Since from within Instagram you can use this function without problems.

Important: Instagram placed a shortcut button on its interface (on the main screen) for IGTV. It was a kind of small television, orange in color and it was located in the upper right corner, do you remember? We speak in the past tense because just a few days ago, the platform removed that button. The Hit post reason is pretty clear… users weren’t clicking on it! It is more a question of navigability and offering simplicity to the app, so that the user can quickly find what they are looking for and get a good experience. Most of the users who use IGTV access the videos in the publication feed, from the IGTV channel in the “explore” section or from the profiles of the creators in the independent IGTV app. Few did it from the main screen.

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