Internet and online advertising require more instruments to guarantee the privacy of users

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Internet and online advertising require more instruments to guarantee the privacy of users

Among the different aspects addressed, the privacy of the information of Internet users is positioned as one of the great challenges of the industry today, especially taking into account the latest cases and related controversies, carried out by different giants of the network like Facebook or Google. In addition to this, the importance of this medium China Mobile Database for the advertising sector and a new world of possibilities for advertisers themselves who are currently taking advantage of a legal vacuum lacking certain limitations despite efforts to guarantee privacy and responsible use of the information and personal data of the users. China Mobile Database

Even so, Rallo emphasizes that for the vast majority of European data protection bodies and authorities, current information systems are insufficient and as a consequence “the right to data protection and privacy on the Internet is unreal, fictitious. , virtual. And as new services, such as behavior-based advertising, progress, there is a need to take a turn in this direction. ” Artemi Rallo does not hesitate to position the internet as the best channel for advertising and direct marketing today, although qualifying the important fact and the need to establish and “make certain rules clear” that in the future would be very difficult to correct . However, it is evident that advertisers would find with them certain limitations and disadvantages compared to the possibilities that currently allow them to personalize and segment their messages to be directed towards groups of users or Brother Cell Phone List consumers with a much more defined profile. Something that on the other hand should serve to compensate and guarantee the rights of users regarding the security and privacy of their own personal information.

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As is logical in an industry with great interests, there are pressure groups created with the aim of torpedoing and stopping this type of regulations and since the instruments to carry out these processes with which to guarantee the privacy and rights of users should be the responsibility of the industry, it is important that much more resources and efforts are invested in developing technologies that allow these guarantees to be fulfilled, than in wasting energy in order to avoid compliance with the regulations aimed at expanding said rights. Regarding the boom in social networks, the director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency highlighted its value and importance for the advertisers themselves due in part to the large concentration of millions of users grouped within them, considering in this sense that they also There are aspects such as the transfer of the information provided by its users and that should also be limited, since there are clear suspicions that some social networks could be transferring said information to third companies for clearly advertising purposes.


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