Internet Marketing Unsavory Practices and Pet Peeves About Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing Unsavory Practices and Pet Peeves About Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has a lot of Internet Scams associated with it. I have seen a number of real cleaver one. I think that the best one that I have found is Google Home Income. It lets you size up with your credit card for Bolivia phone number list only $1.97. What they don’t tell you is that in the fine print this is a membership site. Three days after you sign up your credit card is billed for $79.00. Recurring billing internet marketing sites that don’t clearly indicate the billing and how to cancel the subscription rate really high on my rip off scale. This one is a 10 on a scale of 1 to ten.

I found a supposed news paper article on a lady in Kennewick, Washington that makes $4000 to $5000 a month with this program. The article has three links to the home sales page. Since I live about 15 minutes from Kennewick and know a number of families with the same last name I tried to locate the lady. Can’t find anything about her. My advise is delete this one if it ever appears on your computer. There is a lot of information about it on the web and most not very complementary. There are alternatives to this method to getting started in working at home using the internet. Continue reading this post and you will see some. I have been involved in Internet Marketing for the last three years. There are a couple of things that really jerk my chain. These practices cost good folks a lot of money and are clearly deceptive in practice. The first if membership web sites. Yes some of them are very good. They provide a lot of valuable information. I belong to a couple.

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The one that really bother me are the membership sites that offer a freebie to get you to sign up and then it is really difficult to unsubscribe. I have had a couple of those that took me over a year to get off my credit cards. One was Prosper Learnings membership site associated with their web coaching program that is very expensive and next to useless. I spent $10,000 with them and gained next to nothing. Robert Allen wrote some great books but his Prosper Learning program is not worth the money.

My second pet peeve is the offer. Buy our stuff and by the end of the month you can quit your day job. Anybody that says you will get rich quick is full of some thing and it ain’t honesty. There is not a get rich quick scheme that works that is honest and can be done with integrity. You can follow directions to shorten the process. You still must do the work. There is something about a membership site that entices you in with a free offer and then makes it difficult to get off their list that if fundamentally wrong. As a side note three companies settled out of court class action suits for this very thing for 10’s of millions of dollars. Internet marketer’s need to get some honesty and integrity. It isn’t all about money.

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Mark Joyner has several membership sites tied to his World Class Simpleology program. I have purchases some of his stuff and never had a problem canceling a subscription after I got the free stuff. He has great information and gives a lot of it away. These are the one that give you a free introduction and then if you really want this to work you must buy our $497.00 coaching package. Now some of the programs are probably worth the money. But the ones that seem to have value don’t offer to make you rich for no effort. It just doesn’t work that way. If you truly know any rich folks you know that they work hard to accomplish their goals.

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Just got one of those phone calls, “I am looking for those people that have decided to make a lot of money on the internet.” This call came in while I was writing this article. I can tell you that after listening to this sale person for about 5 minutes it was obvious that he was broke. Asked them to provide empirical data not just testimonials. Ask them what percent of Hit Post the people that start their programs make the 6 figure income. This fellow stated that 100 percent did then he started adding reasons that caused them to fail. Through all of this I did not get one solid figure. My answer hang up the phone and run away. In summary internet marketing is a great thing. Spend you money wisely. Do your research. Don’t fall for the offer that this will only be available for the next hour. These things have a way of showing up again and usually for a lot less money. If it works it will be around for a while. The cutting edge is not always the front edge. This concludes my tirade on my pet peeve for internet marketing.


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