Into Working From A Human

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Into Working From A Human

If you can choose between different rankings, for example with a drop-down menu, then you actually already comply with that information obligation. If only one list of results is shown, without it being possible to change it by the consumer, it is important that it is stat on the basis of which criteria the order of the results has been determin.

This arrangement only applies to the sales platforms themselves, not to external search engines such as Google.

3. Ads must be recognizable

Behind ‘because’ everything is correct. At least, that’s what our brain thinks. And that is not for nothing. This came about when at the age of 3 we got an answer to every question in our why phase.

An experiment at an American university has shown that the word ‘because’ adds a lot of value to a sentence, even if it is follod by a nonsense reason. The experiment went like this:

There is a long line at a copier. The question to be nominat was ask in three ways:

  1. Can I use the device?
  2. Can I use the device because I ne to make copies?
  3. Can I use the device because I am in a hurry?

4. Who is responsible for what?

With the confusion that consumers can have about where they bought something, often comes the confusion about where they should get their rights if something goes wrong.

If a consumer buys from a third seller on  many consumers have the idea that they have bought something from  themselves. If they do not receive the product, if it breaks too quickly or if Manufacturing Directors Email Lists something else is wrong, they will contact  customer service. Perhaps not entirely incomprehensible, but  also does not have all the information, because they were not the seller themselves.

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Manufacturing Production Directors, Managers Email Lists

The word ‘if’ makes everything possible. This word removes all obstacles and resistance from your candidate. So it is very powerful to use the word ‘if’ in your job posting. Because what ‘if’ you have found your dream job’

sometimes closes third-party web shops on their own platform, because nothing has been sold for too long. Doesn’t seem like a crazy arrangement at first glance. But if this seller sells products that  also sells itself or where there are several sellers, then it is perhaps not surprising that few are sold at others. always puts itself at the top.

These new rules in any case make it more transparent that  always gives itself priority over other sellers, even if there is no objective reason for this. The competition is becoming fairer and more transparent. And it also becomes clearer for the consumer from whom they buy and why a certain seller is mention first, so that a more conscious choice can be made.

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