Is the stability of the media and the Internet advertising market in danger?

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Is the stability of the media and the Internet advertising market in danger?

For the proper functioning of any market or professional sector, there must be a balance in the distribution and income between the different producers and distributors. If this does not happen, the stability of the market could be clearly compromised and unbalanced, as is the case in some sectors of countries such as Spain, where agricultural producers cannot find a way to make their businesses profitable because each day they receive or charge less for their products. products. In the online advertising market, everything seems to indicate Ecuador Mobile Database that this situation could be reproduced not only due to the great mismatch between what the media or publishers perceive and what end customers pay for advertising on their media, but also due to the aggressive strategy of other great exponents such as social networks that with their massification of audiences and users have caused a drastic change in this scenario in which the reductions in advertising costs with a low CPM are increasingly accentuated, which makes it even more difficult the competitiveness possibilities of the rest of the media and supports that operate through the internet. Ecuador Mobile Database

Large companies like Google have absorbed much of the control of the online advertising market by creating a gigantic commercial complex by acting as a provider and mediator between publishers and advertisers. However, under this dominant position and through services such as Adsense and Adwords, Google establishes and marks not only the guidelines of this market but also directly undervalues ​​the costs of advertising to an extent that is no longer profitable for any medium Brother Cell Phone List or current internet editor. After the new boom in online advertising, a multitude of new media agencies have emerged that intervene as mediators between publishers and advertisers with the aim of commercializing their advertising spaces, but despite their efforts, the “big market” continues to impose its force and making it very difficult for publishers and “content producers” to monetize their businesses. Something that especially in the sector of the digital written press is causing many large newspapers to choose to change their business model from advertising to subscriptions and paid content.

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In this sense, and according to comScore data, the newspapers achieved the highest CPM among the media and categories analyzed, which despite this, and the direct marketing of their spaces without intermediaries, has not served to consolidate their business models based on in publicity. Obviously, all this is a great advantage for advertisers but for the media and publishers “online advertising is no longer profitable”, especially if we compare it with what brands are able to pay to advertise in other traditional media such as television. despite the fact that through the internet it is possible to generate even greater repercussion, impact and effectiveness. Big brands invest millions of dollars in sponsoring television programs, all kinds of events and even sports clubs, but it is extremely difficult to find cases of the application of this type of strategy on the Internet. And less paying similar amounts of money.

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