Keys to Online Advertising: Influence and Notoriety beyond the purchase intention

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Keys to Online Advertising: Influence and Notoriety beyond the purchase intention

A recent report by Yahoo reveals new data and insights into the effectiveness of online advertising and marketing strategies. So far, much has been said about the great evolution and growth of the Internet advertising sector, and how this market has experienced great growth that despite the crisis, continues to maintain its great future prospects. However, after the framework of this evolution and growth, some aspects Oman Mobile Database seem to indicate that online advertisements maintain certain unfavorable parameters in terms of their effectiveness results and above all, in relation to the different profiles and types of users. In this way, the information from the study indicates that advertising on the internet does not have much effect or is not very relevant for people under 40 years of age, curiously being consumers over 65 who respond best to it. Oman Mobile Database

In addition to this, one of the most outstanding keys and conclusions of this report is the one that shows that the effectiveness of advertisements has little or nothing to do with whether or not consumers click on the advertisements. Every day there are thousands and thousands of ads that impact us through the internet, but the possibility Brother Cell Phone List that some of them become a “process a purchase” are quite far from the claims of the advertisers themselves, including the possibility that the users click on them is reduced “practically” to zero. Exposed in this way we could come to the conclusion that yes, indeed. Advertising on the Internet is not very relevant or practically ineffective, however, beyond this conclusion we find the reasons and motives for which, online advertising can generate a potential effect on consumers, thus demonstrating that its effectiveness goes far beyond simple click action.

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This is what is finally clarified and demonstrated through this research in such a way that, the mere presence of online ads generates a notable influence on the products or services we buy, and that the companies or brands that bet on online advertising are obtaining better sales results in their real businesses than with other advertising media or media such as radio, television or printed information. Other recent studies also support this theory and how “with good planning and correct use of formats we can increase memory up to 74%.” It is at this point that the great debate and controversy about the different measurement models for advertising campaigns (CPM, CPA, CPL, etc …) is generated since, as this report reflects, the real effectiveness of the ” The vast majority “of campaigns and advertisements do not reside in the click action or in the purchase processes, but rather in the presence and continued notoriety and advertising impacts of products, services and companies on users and consumers to generate a greater impact of the products or a greater memory of the brand itself as a branding strategy.

In relation to this, new trends and strategies are emerging to increase this notoriety thanks to the use of resources and tools of social media. Some studies in this regard indicate, for example, that “48% of Spanish Twitter users follow brand profiles.” This brings us much closer to the final conclusions of the study, since it is shown that this type of media or tools can become platforms capable of creating a direct and fast line of communication between the user and the brands. And from this, we deduce that it is the information about the products, services or companies that really interests consumers, rather than the intention of a direct purchase action, but that without a doubt it is generating some influence at the time of the decisions in the real buying moments.

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