Looker Studio allows you to have a complete

 Thanks to this merger, all users will have the possibility of accessing and importing all the data generated from Looker into the Data Studio interface , creating visualizations and analysis dashboards. Data Tunisia Mobile Number List Studio is not a centralized data warehouse, meaning it does not store all data in one place, but instead uses direct connections to other Google products or other platforms to extract exactly the data you need to

display in the dashboard.


 Since it is a Google product, all the data from different Google products has its own connector. For other external platforms, there is a wide range of partner connectors that connect to an almost unlimited number of data sources, from Facebook ads to your CRM and many more. In this way,ealtime picture of the performance of the company as a whole , and not just reports that are

disconnected from each other.



 looker studio Connecting all your data sources is easy we will Argentina Phone Number List simply have to log in to each platform and grant Looker Studio or Data Studio access to our metrics. It should be noted that some of the connectors are free, Googles own for example, but many others are paid with different modes of use. The analytics that you can obtain through Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Google AdWords, among others, are essential to be able to know the real state of your business, know how the advertising campaigns you have underway are progressing and be able to improve your marketing strategies.


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