Marketing and online advertising, keys to reach Chinese consumers

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Marketing and online advertising, keys to reach Chinese consumers

Chinese consumer trends are changing and Chinese companies and brands are making foreign companies “sweat”. So now is a good time to ask yourself how do you reach today’s Chinese buyers? Forget billboard advertising. The Chinese are now more Internet-centric than Western consumers and the key to reaching them is clearly through the strategies developed in the online medium. The past of this Asian country Cayman-Islands Mobile Database shows that making the consumer spend is something difficult to put into practice. According to data from Euromonitor International, the Chinese consumer market is behind the American, Japanese and a good part of the European countries. Even so, its potential as the world’s third largest economy and its density of inhabitants represents an important opportunity for large companies and brands. Cayman-Islands Mobile Database

The fact that a growing number of Chinese consumers are turning to the Internet to research and evaluate product brands is nothing new. However, it is in terms of the growth of this trend by consumers and the increase in their confidence in relation to online information. According to the conclusions of the latest Global Consumer Confidence Index developed by Nielsen where it analyzes consumer confidence, its main concerns and buying habits reveal that consumers in China are still reluctant to go out and spend money, however, the results Brother Cell Phone List indicate that there is a willingness to invest in new products. Companies that focus on innovation and new product introductions will drive consumption across China, and this is where the internet and online marketing and advertising strategies come into play.

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Despite this, the online advertising market in China is still considered relatively immature and is currently in its first growth phase, which means that this country represents an opportunity for great opportunities for online marketing and advertising. In this sense, it should be noted that China remains in the battle to conquer the Asian advertising market, and according to the data investigated by PricewaterhouseCoopers, during the next five years its growth will increase until it surpasses Japan to become the second advertising market in the world. second only to the US.

It is important to note that the increase in confidence about online information by Chinese consumers has also served so that other aspects such as word of mouth, and recommendations between consumers and users have experienced an increase of 56% since 2008 until 2010, and that more than 25% of consumers claim to use the Internet to research and compare products, a percentage that in the case of more expensive products such as cars rises to 45%. Even so in other cases these figures can be even much higher. In parallel, another study developed by the consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy confirms these trends by highlighting as advice to foreign companies and brands that Chinese consumers should be considered as highly demanding and intelligent ‘Internet users’, and not only buy brands because they have heard about of them, because they demand value products where quality is an extremely important aspect when making purchasing decisions.

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