Marketing calendar 2020 ready to print + Excel template

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Marketing calendar 2020 ready to print + Excel template

As every year, I bring you a very valuable resource at this time … The 2020 marketing calendar! Ideal to start the new year with a complete vision of all the important marketing dates, to plan your actions and campaigns in advance (and not get caught up in any of them). Without a doubt, I have observed that more and more people need to always have a calendar on how to type a german phone number hand to help them anticipate their actions, without leaving any important event forgotten. Can you imagine forgetting Mother’s Day in Peru, having your target in that region? That’s what I mean. The 2020 calendar is aimed at marketing professionals in general (content creators, Community Managers, advertisers) and business owners, both physical and online. So the calendar will be of great help for your business to take advantage of all the possibilities, and launch successful campaigns in a premeditated and strategic way.

2020 calendar to plan your campaigns and actions Many times we are so immersed in the work tasks that we have to get up to date, that we forget the most important thing; plan us. I take this opportunity to leave you another planning resource that will be great for you, a template to create your editorial calendar for your blog and other dissemination channels. Do not forget that organization is key to getting work done without delays, and you have to dedicate all the necessary time to each action to achieve brilliant results.

So, do you see now the importance of planning all your campaigns and actions on a calendar in advance? Especially when there are important dates that can mean an increase in your income, due to the increase in sales generated (observed in other years). Therefore, I leave you the 2020 calendar below so that you always have it close and, in this way, you never forget a significant date for your business. Downloadable and editable templates in Hit post Excel On the other hand, considering that there are those who prefer to write down their own things and make their reminders more personalized, I have created this template in Excel to download and edit easily. In this template I have included all the indicated dates and holidays in Spain and Latin America, as you can also see in the printable version that I have left you above.

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