More than 40 percent of online ads are based on Flash and Rich Media

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More than 40 percent of online ads are based on Flash and Rich Media

According to the study “Ad Metrix Creative” carried out by the online measurement firm comScore, in which the different aspects and characteristics of online ads are analyzed (size, formats and types of ads used by advertisers on websites) , more than 40 percent of advertising in the US is based on Flash and Rich Media. However, the report shows that screen El-Salvador Mobile Database ads in JPEG format continue to lead the market, accounting for more than 42% of the impressions generated in the US In terms of the dimensions of these ads, 728 banners x 90 pixels were the most effective and visited with the highest CTR of results. El-Salvador Mobile Database

Jeff Hackett, senior vice president of comScore highlighted in this regard that in recent months “a strong resurgence has been detected in the ad display market” with a number of impressions that has increased by up to 15% compared to last year and with an average CPM that continues to increase. In general, the latest data corresponding to the metrics and measurements of last April, almost 60 percent of the impressions of US on-screen ads corresponded to ads with GIF or JPEG formats, while the combination of Flash and Rich Media ads accounted for 50.3%.

Although the traditional GIF and JPEG formats continue to lead the market, the growth of Flash and Rich Media formats continues to increase. However, it is important to bear in mind that this type of interactive formats could Brother Cell Phone List encounter some barriers to their proliferation. Among them, the incompatibility with the new HTML5 language, which could greatly affect not only creatives developed on the flash format, but also on the application of integrated advertising on other types of media such as online videos.

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Similarly, the incompatibility of flash with other systems such as those used by Apple both in its iPhone and iPad devices, could slow the growth of flash technology applied to online advertising despite the fact that Adobe is working hard to have solutions that make this compatibility possible. There is no doubt that these types of advertisements represent a significant market share that will surely continue to grow and adapt to current technical and web developments. Especially at a time where interactivity and multimedia aspects play an important role in online advertising.


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