Need to work hard to attract clients

Having said that, many large companies only look at “diplomas” when doing things. As long as you have a university degree, you are qualified to work in a large company. For job seekers with only SPM qualificatiWhat ? Actually, it mainly requires you to promote simple insurance plans and establish good relationships with customers.

Telephone marketing

You only need to make calls in the Iran Phone Number List office with air conditioning, plus a fixed basic salary and generous commissions. It is easy to earn more than RM10,000 a month! (I am not bragging, it is definitely not less than the insurance agents outside!)ons, getting a job in a large company is simply a fantasy.

Phone Number List

People who have just graduated

don’t have to worry even if they don’t have a car! Even if you don’t have anyone to accompany you and you don’t know Afghanistan Phone Number List what to do with your time, the thoughtful company has also prepared a series of interesting activities for employees, so that everyone can not only promote relationships, but also enhance team spirit.

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