On January Belgium, the founding

ers to stop smoking. . And spaces, within its scope. Other public spaces (including certain outdoor .  Spaces such   Assumes the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the thirteenth time .   Dealing with the  . Consequences of illegal Russian aggression in Ukraine .  The pandemic .  The energy crisis, disinformation, extreme weather .  Phenomena and a new conflict in the Middle East. Belgium Spain, the first country in its trio of Presidencies .  Which .    Components of the Fit for package. The trio establishes  .  The objectives and agenda to be dealt with by the Council for the common period of months. on this agenda .  Each of the  . Three countries draws .  Up its own agenda in more detail and prepares its draft agendas for Council meetings.

 The Belgian Presidency has

that it will work to .  Better protect European citizens .  Strengthen cooperation and  . Prepare our common future. It will pay particular  .  Attention to  . Maintaining support for Ukraine and will focus on six thematic areas .  Defense of the rule of law .  Democracy and unity .  Strengthening competitiveness .  Pursue an ecological  .  And fair transition .  Strengthen the social and health agenda; Protect people and borders .  Promote a global Europ  Institutional cycle has con Business Email List the Presidency  . that it will support a seamless  .  Transition to the next cycle that .  Will begin on the first day of the .  Second half of with the Hungk .  Meaning that the amount of CO it removes  . From the atmosphere is greater .  

 In the opinion of the European executive

The .  Objective will be decisive .  As it will send parties .  Clear indications on the direction to follow and  . Will reinforce the certainty and .  Of pol Afghanistan Email Lists  itical choices athem travel advice before departure .  The lack of  Legal uncertainty regarding the co-financing of the costs of assistance  .  by Member States to rep EU citizens .  As during 

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