Online advertising in Mexico increased 24 percent during 2009

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Online advertising in Mexico increased 24 percent during 2009

According to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online advertising investment in Mexico experienced a growth of 24% during the past year, compared to the figures recorded in the previous year. In this way, the volume of advertising investment reached 2,345 million pesos Kazakhstan Mobile Database during this period. Bianca Loew, general director of the IAB Mexico, highlighted in this sense that brands are realizing the importance of betting and advertising through the internet and the relevance that online advertising acquires every day. Kazakhstan Mobile Database

The survey also showed that nearly six-in-10 global online consumers (58%) trust messages found on company websites, and half trust email messages that they signed up to receive. On the Web, four-in-10 respondents rely on ads served alongside search engine results, 36 percent trust online video advertisements, and one-third believe the messages in online banner ads—an increase of 27 percent since 2007. Sponsored ads on social networks, a new format included in the 2011 Nielsen survey, are credible among 36 percent of global respondents. Display ads (video or banner) on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are trusted by one-third of global Brother Cell Phone List respondents, which is slightly higher than the reported consumer trust level of text ads on mobile phones (29%). While the reported consumer trust level in mobile phone advertising is still low, it increased 61 percent since 2007 and 21 percent since 2009.

Although Mexico has also suffered the effects of the global economic crisis that caused reductions in advertising investment in different media such as radio, broadcast television and magazines, other media such as television and the Internet have experienced significant growth of 19% and 24%. % respectively. In this sense, highlight the observation made by Néstor Márquez, president of the IAB Mexico research committee, who highlighted the growth of online advertising on the internet that is currently eight times higher than in 2005. Regarding the channels and supports used, social networks (76%) and online advertising videos (44%) were the ones that registered the highest growth in terms of advertising investment.

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