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Online Programs In The Field

  • he deployment of senior employees who independently hire and supervise people.
  • Schedule short meetings regularly with small groups, so that you can still talk to people often.
  • Regularly stand in front of the group internally and ask for input from specific issues.
  • Provide personalized gifts for occasions.

3. Make a growth plan

Indispensable for retaining your star players is making a tailor-made growth plan. What do you have to offer and why would your employees want to stay with your organization for a long time?

A good way to do this is through a personal annual plan. Make a baseline measurement at the beginning of each new year (and it doesn’t have to be January 1). Where is your employee now? Is it time to take the step from junior to medior? Discuss the ambitions and try to fulfill them as effectively as possible. With this you can realize a bit of meaning and satisfaction in your work.

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4. Organize team building activities

Team building is even more important within an online marketing agency than at any other service company. If there is one industry where working from home is already commonplace, it is this industry. Also for corona. In addition to agencies with offices, where people often work part-time, there are also virtual agencies where everyone works remotely. So how do you build a team?

The key here is to get together regularly and do things together. Organize a team building activity at least 4 times a Risk Managers Email List year. One time a serious event, the other time a relaxed leisure activity. You will see that there is more bonding within the team and that colleagues are more willing to go through fire for each other.

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5. Stay Critical

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Sometimes it seems like we should be thankful that people want to work for you in the first place (and they seem to think so too). Nothing could be further from the truth, and your employees also have to continue to prove themselves to your agency. Evaluate their work regularly and be positively critical. Constructive criticism never hurt anyone.

Staying positive critical is also a way to make sure your employees stay sharp and don’t slack. We all need that. And a workplace remains a workplace and not a playground. Although, if you’ve ever been to Google…


6. Offer special rewards

Within the online marketing agency world, employee rewards can be quite creative. Below is a list of examples of creative rewards:

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