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Own Personal Mission Read And

In this ad I count 4 brand assets:

  1. A coffee maker (with filter)
  2. A pack of coffee (ground)
  3. A coffee scoop
  4. A warm mug

Here too, the category entry point is making a nice cup of coffee, but with a slightly different focus: filter coffee. The rest of the commercial also focuses on this. The cup of coffee in particular is one that you may also have in your kitchen cupboard at home.

Strong branding

Let’s just say I think one commercial is better than another. I am concerned here purely with the difference in effect on the brain. Nespresso goes for a different cup of coffee than Douwe Egberts.

If you did an (implicit) association test, you would probably find this too. In such a test you measure the reaction speed in the brain. Because from neuropsychology we know: ‘ what wires together, fires together ‘. On the basis of the reaction speed you can attach an exact number to the strength of 2 concepts. In this case, for example, the concepts ‘Nespresso’ and ‘barista coffee’.

Many serious brands use these kinds of tests to measure their brand image. And in the case of Nespresso, I expect there to be a strong association with ‘barista coffee’. Thanks in part to George, of course

You can’t do anything about some things. So why bother? Or flee into fake positivity? See it for what it is. And through! That is the benefit of stoic thinking.


You sprint at full speed onto the platform to see the train that you really needed to drive away. While you are panting and looking up on your smartphone when the next train is coming, you see a message. The one who competed with you for the chairmanship of a working group has been chosen. Not you… While you really were the better candidate! What are you doing then? swearing? Send an angry message back? Or should you take this from your positivity coach as a great opportunity to see all this as super-nice? What if, when you catch your breath again, you don’t like it at all and don’t do anything with it at all. Because you can’t do anything about it.

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The popularity of stoic thinking

You may have come across stoic thinking under that name. Otherwise, you probably know parts of it like those used in Australia Accountant Email Lists Ryan Holiday’s books, Tim Ferriss’ lectures, the premise of The Subtle Art of not giving a F#ck or The Seven Habits of Effective Leadership from the great Covey.

Australia Accountant Email Lists

Mark Tuitert, Olympian and philosopher, has adffiliate). Tuitert gives 10 practical principles based on stoic thinking that can help you deal with pressure, adversity but also success.

The principles

Each principle is a concrete description of that principle with quotations from the ancient Stoics. In addition, Tuitert tells in a very personal way how he achieved a gold Olympic medal. And, perhaps more interestingly, how he got in his way and didn’t even compete in previous Olympics

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