Play Store that Android users must know!

6 hidden features of  Especially the 2nd & 3rd items! They can help you save money you spend unknowingly!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe ChanPlay Store is an application publishing platform developed by Google for Android users, allowing users to browse and download applications. As an Android phone user, do you know that Play Store has the following super useful hidden features?


Function 1: View apps that can be updated

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The function of automatically updating apps on mobile phones is often the reason for insufficient storage space on mobile phones. Many Android users choose to remove this function. However, in many cases, if an app is not updated, it will no longer be able to be used.

In fact, there is a place in the Play Store where you can easily find updatable apps and manually update them yourself.Here, you can see the apps and games that are “updatable”, “installed” and Bahamas Phone Number List previously installed”. In the “updatable” column, you can manually update the apps you want.

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“Unsubscribe” function

There are many subscription items in the Play Store that offer Belgium Phone Number List free trials, which can range from 3 days to a week. After the trial period ends, the payment method you have linked will be deducted. Many users will delete the app after the trial period ends, thinking that they don’t need to pay.

But this is not the case. Subscriptions are different from ordinary apps because they are continuous products. They will be automatically deducted every period. If you do not cancel the subscription, the deduction will continue. So where can you cancel it?




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