Prospective customers will call back


 This way, they can suggest relevant offers and services during your call. They can also schedule automated callbacks and monitor contacts who don’t convert to customers during the first conversation.  at the right time without the risk of annoying or forgetting them. As the Hermes Universal CRM Connector, easily equip any CRM with the best omnichannel features of our telemarketing application and let your CRM drive your outbound telesales strategy.


 Do you want to know more?

Contact Wakacon! Run tests and measure results To improve Latvia Mobile Number List telemarketing performance, you need to measure results and test different approaches. Analyzing Data Data must be at the center of your strategy. They’re filled with useful information for you and your business. Use strategies from previous campaigns to learn what works and what doesn’t.


 Analyze conversion rates

average call length, number of calls required to acquire El Salvador Phone Number List a lead, and more. These numbers will help you optimize your next ad campaign. This analysis also allows you to measure your ROI. Evaluate the cost of your telemarketing campaign based on the results obtained. Based on the results and your analysis, adjust your approach.


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