Questions to Ask Before Giving Advice

Has someone ever sought you out for advice and insight?
When someone asks us for advice, it’s hard to tell if they really want help, or if they just want someone to talk to about their problems.

As long as I write on the blog , I often receive emails from readers who ask their problems.

— Sometimes, I get confused by the emails that are sent.

Whether he wants my opinion..

.. or just want to tell the problem.

Therefore before we give any insight ask them this question first

Actually, people who really need advice and people Database who just need an outlet: are completely different.

Maybe they want to complain without admitting that they are actually complaining.

Or maybe they just want reassurance and just want to hear you tell them they’re doing the right thing and everything will be fine.

The only way to be sure of this is to ask them directly these questions first:

I just want to know, are you serious?”
Listen carefully to their answers.

Their answer will tell you whether they want comfort only..

… or really need real advice .

If their answer sounds something like ” I’ll try to do what you suggest.. “, it actually means they DON’T WANT your advice.

Maybe they just want to complain and express their problems


They just want people to listen.

So just give them a smile and tell them they Hit Post will find the solution later.

Yes. I suddenly thought of something.

I was always made to complain. While I don’t think what they really want.

What I always say, they don’t need to be understood. Just listen is enough.

It seems that after this, I have to make sure first, what they want from me.

Thank you sir. I beg you to share facts. Yes, I know this blog is boring and rarely updated. Thank you for coming to read.

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