Recommended customer service job in March!

The company is close to the LRT station, the monthly income can reach 5,000, and the boss and colleagues are super nice!
post by Hong Yuan
by Hong Yuan

Mar 17, 2021 Posted at 2:31 PM
Are you planning to change to a customer service job recently? Or are you a fresh graduate looking for your first job?

In fact, most workers looking for jobs have the following aspirations:

High salary, good benefits, and various allowances
The boss is good, the colleagues are good, and I am happy to go to work. I won’t work myself to death.
The workplace is accessible by public transportation, so don’t worry even if you don’t have a car!
There are development prospects and you can learn a lot
You may ask, where can I find such a good job? ! You have to be very lucky to find it~

Haiya~ You who are reading this article are so lucky! Because today I am going to recommend you such a good job as mentioned above, that is the customer service job at TELECONTINENT SDN BHD !

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Telecontinent was founded in 2011. Yes, it has entered its 10th year this year! It is a customer service center that provides outsourcing and consulting services to El-Salvador Phone Number List customers. After briefly introducing Telecontinent ‘s business, let’s take a detailed look at what are the benefitsof joining this company!

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Provide professional training

As a company that has been operating for Algeria Phone Number List nearly 10 years, Telecontinent can definitely provide you with professional training! You don’t have to worry about blindly rushing in, because the company has an experienced professional team to guide you and let you learn a lot. Don’t worry if you have no experience, just follow their footsteps, and it will definitely not be a problem to transform from a rookie to an industry expert step by step~

2. Attractive salary + benefits

I know you care about this the most. Join Telecontinent and you will earn at least RM3,000 a month. If you are an experienced customer service staff, as long as you perform well, your monthly income will be higher! Various benefits and allowances guarantee that you will get a lot, up to RM5000++!


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