Rich media advertising, to conquer the online advertising market

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Rich media advertising, to conquer the online advertising market

Rich media advertising continues to climb positions and is emerging as a clear candidate to lead the online advertising market of the future. According to the data of the study “Ad Metrix Creative” carried out by the online measurement firm comScore, in which the different aspects and characteristics Cyprus Mobile Database of online advertisements are analyzed (size, formats and types of advertisements used by advertisers on websites ), more than 40 percent of advertising in the US is based on Flash and Rich Media. Something that highlights and agrees with the opinion of Javier Navarro, new president of the IAB Spain, in which he highlighted the importance of Rich Media advertising formats, as one of the main trends that will mark the donline advertising market. Cyprus Mobile Database

Although today traditional display advertising based on formats such as JPG or GIF continues to lead the market with a share close to 60% of the impressions generated in the US, the growth of Rich media advertising continues to increase so that together with video and flash advertising, they already represent 50.3% of impressions nationwide. Joshua Novick, CEO Antevenio revealed to us in an exclusive interview some of the peculiarities, advantages and characteristics of Rich media advertising, which he defined as much more creative formats, capable of creating emotions in consumers and that in that sense are equating to television spots.

Novick highlighted in this sense that through Rich media advertising, users can interact with brands and intensify their ability to remember. “The transformation is taking place from a model in which the media offered Brother Cell Phone List advertising spaces to another in which the media allow interaction and where the consumer is the one who controls what they want to see and when they want to see it. And this model is characterized by communicating in a more dynamic form and requires higher creative impacts, “added Novick.

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There are many studies that determine that Rich media advertising causes a greater effect and impact than traditional advertising. However, for its proliferation it has been necessary to mature in the technical aspects that limited its growth potential during the last decade. The result is clearly a concept that guarantees its effectiveness, which in some cases can even exceed 300% compared to that achieved with other traditional advertising formats.





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